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Chippewa Falls lawyer Robert Thorson is respected by clients and judges for his depth of experience. He has been practicing law for 25 years. Attorney Thorson is well acquainted with Wisconsin laws relating to criminal defense, real estate, and Wisconsin probate, with the local courts, and with local law enforcement practices.

Accessible and Efficient Legal Services

Mr. Thorson’s law firm has a history of accessibility and cost-effective service. Your initial consultation with Mr. Thorson is affordable. The modest initial consultation fee is credited toward your attorney fee retainer should you decide to hire our firm.

The Thorson Law Office is efficient. Attorney Thorson works with the assistance of a certified paralegal. She keeps clients informed, answers questions, and helps keep cases moving in the right direction. Teamwork and good communication are a hallmark of the firm.

Persuasive Wisconsin Trial Lawyer

Attorney Robert Thorson cares about one thing: providing the best possible legal representation in any legal matter. That may mean going to court, or it may mean vigorous negotiation to achieve results in a criminal case or a real estate dispute.

Robert Thorson has earned a reputation as a persuasive trial lawyer. He believes the state has the full burden of proof with regard to criminal charges. He defends his clients aggressively against anything that falls short of this. He works hard at persuading the prosecutor, district attorney, judge or jury of the merits of his client’s case.

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