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Defense from Domestic Violence Charges

Experienced Defense when You Are Facing Charges of Domestic Assault or Domestic Disorderly Conduct

When there is a 911 call for help during a domestic dispute, the police officers who arrive on the scene are required to take action. When there is evidence of a crime of domestic violence and if they are able to identify the primary physical aggressor, they must make an arrest. Often, the person who called the police simply wanted to get the other person to leave for the night.

If your household is in turmoil following criminal charges of violence from a domestic dispute, contact Wisconsin defense lawyer Robert Thorson.

A conviction on a domestic violence charge could causer immediate and long-term restrictions on your freedom. For example, if you are convicted of domestic violence, you will not be able to possess a firearm, including a hunting rifle. Attorney Robert Thorson will work hard to protect you from unjust penalties.

Obtaining Positive Outcomes through Powerful Advocacy

The Thorson Law Office works hard to obtain positive outcomes for clients facing criminal charges, including domestic assault. Mr. Thorson may be able to negotiate a reduction of the charge to a misdemeanor, such as domestic disorderly conduct.

Domestic disorderly conduct generally refers to loud arguing, profanity or verbal abuse, but is not classified as a violent crime. Attorney Thorson’s 25 years of criminal defense experience and in-depth knowledge of the Wisconsin laws involving domestic disputes is very useful as he prepares effective defense strategies.

Attorney Thorson has proved to be a powerful advocate for clients who have been arrested for domestic battery or domestic disorderly conduct. When there are enough inconsistencies in testimonies of witnesses and victims, he often gets cases dismissed. In other cases, he arranges plea bargains that include requirements to engage in anger management counseling. He will help you determine whether you have any insurance available to pay for the counseling. These are just a few ways in which he helps clients find resolutions to their domestic violence charges.

If you have been charged with domestic battery, assault, or domestic disorderly conduct, contact Wisconsin criminal defense attorney Robert Thorson to explore avenues of defense in your case.