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Defense from Drug Charges

Experienced Defense when You Are Facing Drug Charges in Wisconsin

People accused of drug crimes can be looking at significant jail or prison sentences, regardless of whether the suspected illegal drug activity was simply possession of marijuana for private use or involved intimidation, violence, and other criminal acts.

Possession of marijuana, cocaine, meth, heroin, LSD, and legal narcotics that have been illegally obtained, such as OxyContin, are often the subject of Wisconsin drug charges.

If you are facing drug charges, or are the target of a criminal investigation, you need serious legal defense. Contact experienced Wisconsin drug crimes defense attorney Robert Thorson for legal representation. At the Thorson Law Office, we have been defending people from criminal charges for 25 years.

Examining Every Aspect of Your Drug Charges

When defense lawyer Robert Thorson represents a client accused of a drug crime, he examines every link in the “chain of custody” of the seized drugs. He seeks to determine how a police officer collected the evidence. Perhaps an illegal search occurred before the arrest. He looks at where the seized drugs are taken and whether drug enforcement agencies tampered with the evidence or handled them improperly. At any point in the chain of custody, there may be opportunity to challenge evidence. He also looks for gaps in the testimony of witnesses whose truth is key to prosecuting a drug crimes case.

In every drug crime case, Robert Thorson makes sure that the state proves its case beyond a reasonable doubt. When there is a likelihood of a conviction, he works to get charges and penalties reduced. With his extensive knowledge of criminal law and 25 years of trial experience, Attorney Thorson works hard to get his clients a fresh start.

Contact drug defense lawyer Robert Thorson if you have been charged with a drug crime.