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Defense Of Sex Offense Charges

Experienced Defense When You Are Facing Charges For A Sex Crime

Sexual assault charges are a very serious matter. If you are convicted, the penalties can impact your life forever. You face prison time and listing on the sex offender registry. No matter how sure you are that the charges are untrue, you need a strong defense.

Contact an experienced defense attorney at the Thorson Law Office in Chippewa Falls. Attorney Robert Thorson has been defending people on sex crimes charges, such as rape, child pornography, prostitution and soliciting, child molestation, or child abuse, as well as other criminal charges for 25 years.

As your defense lawyer, Robert Thorson looks for inconsistencies in the statements and police reports. He looks for signs of bias on the part of witnesses. He thoroughly investigates the sexual assault charge to locate weaknesses in the prosecutor’s case. Mr. Thorson will develop a criminal defense strategy to contend with the charges.

Are Children Reliable Witnesses In Sexual Assault Cases?

While the idea of the sexual assault of a child tugs at the heartstrings of jury members, Mr. Thorson knows from experience that a child’s testimony is not always reliable.

When children are the accusers, he believes it is important to look beyond the child to others who may have influenced them. Social workers, police officers and relatives may have planted ideas in the child’s mind-resulting in false accusations. A skilled defense lawyer like Robert Thorson will get to the facts.

False memories may be behind the sexual assault charges. He will sensitively but assertively evaluate the validity of a child’s testimony when defending a client who has been accused of sexually abusing that child.

In one of Mr. Thorson’s cases, a young girl accused her mother’s male friend of touching her private areas. When Mr. Thorson interviewed friends of the accuser, they reported that she had indeed told them that he had touched her inappropriately. However, upon further questioning, a young friend who knew the girl well, said she did not believe the accused because the child was known as someone who habitually lied and exaggerated. The case was dismissed.

The state has a great many resources available to investigate and prosecute sexual assault cases. Clients of the Thorson Law Office have the benefit of attorney Robert Thorson’s years of criminal defense experience. He will not be surprised or deceived by the prosecutor’s office. He will make sure the process is fair and justice is served.

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